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TAPA is a unique forum that unites global manufacturers, logistics providers, freight carriers, law enforcement agencies, and other stakeholders with the common aim of reducing losses from international supply chains.


These unique, minimum security requirements have been created by the industry, for the industry and are revised every three years in consultation with TAPA’s members and approved Independent Audit Bodies (IABs) to ensure they are fit-for-purpose to address all current and emerging supply chain security risks, and to identify improvements which optimise the Standards’ effectiveness and efficiency for global supply chains.


TAPA offers 3 industry standards:

  • FSR – Facility Security Requirements
  • TSR – Trucking Security Requirements
  • PSR – Parking Security Requirements


TAPA’s Standards’ programme offers three levels of certification by the Association’s approved Independent Audit Bodies as well as a Self-Certification option. Non-member companies may also achieve certification after completing the appropriate TAPA training course.


TAPA’s Security Standards act as a worldwide benchmark for supply chain security and resilience, providing guidance, processes and tools which reduce loss exposure, protect assets, help to keep staff safe, and save costs. This is achieved by introducing and maintaining common standards for supply chain security measures.


Users of the Standards are certified by many Independent Audit Bodies which ensures certifications are meaningful and can be trusted. Support for organisations using the TAPA Standards comes from within the supply chain industry, by Government agencies and the insurance industry. 


Benefits of SEDEX

  • Establishment of an effective physical security system to reduce the loss of high-value assets
  • Monetary savings of insurance fees because of reduced losses and effective risk assessment
  • Inventory security to maintain your competitive advantages of ‘just-in-time deliveries
  • TAPA professional assistance through the global incident reporting centre, monthly publications and bulletins for TAPA members
  • Easy integration of TAPA FSR principles within other management systems: TAPA FSR audits may be combined with other audits which result in certification cost and time savings
  • Greater personal security for personnel, increased physical security of materials, reduced risk of loss related incidents, recognition of security-minded professionals


How Can ELITE Help?

We provide TAPA training and consultancy services. We offer specialized expertise and extensive practical experience to assist client in developing management systems from the initial concept to establishment and successful implementation of the management systems.


We use the following consultation approach to assist you in achieving certification:

  1. Identify areas requiring improvement or development within your current Management System
  2. Prepare a strategic action plan, in conjunction with your company personnel, to address those improvement areas and assist with the communication of these requirements to key personnel at all levels
  3. Provide system-related trainings for your company personnel to create awareness and provide them with the necessary knowledge and skills in the implementation of systems
  4. Provide assistance and advice on the development and implementation of systems, including preparation of documentation
  5. Advise and assist, if required, with the preparation and submission of applications to your certification body
  6. Assist with the development of internal auditing procedures and training
  7. Conduct internal audit to ensure the effective implementation of the management system prior to final audit by your approved Independent Audit Bodies (IABs)
  8. Conduct Management Review Meeting to review performance of management system and identify areas for improvement prior to final audit by your approved Independent Audit Bodies (IABs)


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