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BRC Food Safety

The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety is a product and process certification standard known for compliance to industry best practices. It developed to specify the food safety, quality and operational criteria required to be in place within a food manufacturing organization to fulfil obligations with regard to legal compliance and protection of the consumer.  BRC certification is an internationally recognized mark of food safety and quality.

Requirements of BRC

·Ensuring consistency of the audit process

·Providing a Standard that is flexible enough to allow extra voluntary modules to reduce the audit burden

·Encouraging systems to reduce exposure to fraud

·Promoting greater transparency and traceability in the supply chain

·Encouraging adoption of the Standard in small sites and facilities where processes are still in development

Benefits of BRC

  • Allows organizations to demonstrate their commitment to food safety

  • Enables communication about food safety hazards within the organization and food supply chain

  • Ability to show control of identified food hazards

  • Ability for continual improvement of the systems

  • Preventive approach to reduce loss or rejects


How can ELITE assist you?

We provide BRC standard training and consultancy services. We offer specialized expertise and extensive practical experience to assist client in developing management systems from the initial concept to establishment and successful implementation of the management systems.
We use the following consultation approach to assist you in achieving certification:
1.  Identify areas requiring improvement or development within your current Management Systems
2.  Prepare a strategic action plan, in conjunction with your company personnel, to address those improvement areas and assist with the communication of these requirements to key personnel at all levels
3.  Provide system-related trainings for your company personnel to create awareness and provide them with the necessary knowledge and skills in the implementation of systems
4.  Provide assistance and advice on the development and implementation of systems, including preparation of documentation
5.  Advise and assist, if required, with the preparation and submission of applications to your certification body
6.  Assist with the development of internal auditing procedures and training
7.  Conduct internal audit to ensure the effective implementation of the management systems prior to final audit by your certification body
8.  Conduct Management Review Meeting to review performance of management system and identify areas for improvement prior to final audit by your certification body

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